The immaculate genesis of the Goddess

          "The panchaputhas" work inherently since its genesis ceaselessly with biota and abiota elements on this biosphere. They carry all the messages from the tiniest to universe full magnification from all the yugas. Avathars, Siddhars and Rishis performed yagam to destroy the evil / bad elements and protected the human and the earth on Satyayuga, Trethayuga and Dvaparayuga and Kaliyuga.

          In this Kaliyuga (the last yuga as per Hindu mythology) knowingly and unknowingly human enjoy sensual pleasures and invite good or bad elements as per karmic load. Believe or not the karma can only be dispelled by intense internal prayers either by reciting the "pranava", the OM or the "sakthi"the AUM; and at the merge both are one the same.

          In the beginning of Satyayuga the Lord "Narashima" - the avatar of VISHNU killed the unruly king Hiranyakashibu by tearing the body tissues and tasting the blood. By the anger in the body and malicious effects of human blood the Narashima Avatar of Lord Vishnu had forgotten His spirituality and suffered by "Hyper of Rajho Character".

          To bestow compassion, Lord Shiva came as "Sarabeshwar (Antaranda Pakshii) Avatar" in combination form of bird, animal and human with huge eagle wings, yaali face, eagle nose with eight legs (scientifically refereed as the manifestation of all gene - pools to show the fact that the all pervasive Lord is existing in forms of living or non-living matters) so as to rekindle the Lord Narashima who is also the part and parcel of the Universe.

           By this act, a new uncomparable miraculous power (sakthi) was created by Sri Sarabeswar with all "panchaputhas" - hence, the genesis of new sakthi - which was referred as Sri Prathyangiraa Devi.


          In Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu, near vediyarendal vilakku at Mana Madurai, the present location Panchabutheswaram was referred as Vaanara Veera Madurai after the battle between Rama and Ravana, the Anjeneya and his troops had a huge honey retreat by the grace of Lord Shiva; as keesana Madurai during Trethayuga; and as vilavanam (vilvam = Agele marmelos trees) during Kaliyuga.

          The temples in and around Mana-Madurai was established by the king Thulakannan in the mid of the Kaliyuka. On hearing the unbelievable psychic words from heaven about the collapsed temple previously constructed by moon (chandran), the king Thulakannan re-established the temple as Aanandhavalliamman - Someshwar temple; about a five kilometers away from 'Panchaputheswaram' (Source: Vanara Veera Madurai Puranam published by the Department of Archeology, Tamil Nadu).

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